Articles for Web Developers

A New Adventure

February 21 2014

Wednesday was my last day at Cisco. Today is the start of a new adventure.

Digging Into Knockout Builds

January 07 2014

An examination of the build process for KnockoutJS. How does this popular library organize its code, ensure a clean global state, and keep a small footprint?

Meetings And Concurrency

December 30 2013

A look at meetings through the lens of concurrency and blocking operations. Some musings on how we can do better.

A look at Ack

November 26 2013

Ack is a tool like grep designed for programmers. I use it for searching my source code to track down sections of code or look for occurences of a variable or reference. It's a simple open-source tool that does one job well, and does it with blazing speed.

Modern Dojo: Exploring dojo/query

November 14 2013

A look at Dojo's query module, and using it for dom selection. I also specifically look at how it compares to jQuery and native selectors.